376-ой тсап, август 1944

Модель закончена в марте 2011, боее полная информация тут: http://www.dishmodels.ru/gshow.htm?p=9517

A fragment from memoirs of battery commander of 376-th heavy spg regiment Nikolai Shishkin: " Unfortunately, ISU-152 was not armed with a machine gun. Later they were equipped with 12,7 mm DShK , but my battery did not receive them. So we had to try to get somewhere captured machine gun. We usually place it on the roof in the box, together with some cases with ammunition and 4-5 boxes with shells. Fuel barrel was placed standing behind the fighting compartment. The machine, approaching the battlefield, always had such a camel’s hump. On the position we filled inner tanks from the barrel and drop it. Sometimes we dropped external tanks. The machine color was green. The crew was painting regiment markings over hull– letter K or square recognition panel. We never apply white camouflage in winter."
 I finished this model in march 2011. More pictures here:   http://www.dishmodels.ru/gshow.htm?p=9517

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